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Partner Instructor Publishing Program

Empower Your Teaching with SkillXpand: Expert Course Creation, Marketing, and Publishing

Join SkillXpand’s Course Publishing program and transform your expertise into a professionally crafted online course. Our team partners with you every step of the way, from initial concept to final publication. We specialize in curriculum development, high-quality video editing, and structured course design that meets the needs of diverse learners. With SkillXpand, you’re not just creating a course; you’re building an educational experience that resonates and engages.

By publishing with SkillXpand, your course gains exclusive access to our established marketing channels, ensuring it reaches a wide audience eager to learn. We treat your course like one of our own, aligning it with strategic promotional activities alongside our top-performing courses. For a competitive 15% cut of sales, you benefit from our expert marketing tactics, dedicated support, and a platform that values quality and educational impact. Elevate your teaching career with SkillXpand’s comprehensive course publishing services.

Services Included

Filmmaker editing video footage

Curriculum Design

You’re the expert in your topic but, we are the experts in how students engage with learning content. We can take your outline and provide insight into improvements to better pace your course and maximize student outcomes.

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Video Editing

Our team will edit the lectures you record in the same workflow and tools we use ourselves. This includes cutting out mistakes, audio editing, and more. We only edit to Udemy best practices and do not add elements or graphics to videos.

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Sales Pages

We will write the sales pages on the marketplaces to encourage students to enroll with our internal data on what makes students enroll. We will also post a sales page on our site alongside our courses****.

Services Continued

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We will market your courses alongside our courses as if they are our courses. We are only paid if we get sales so we are incentivized to get students.

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Teaching Assistants

Our teaching assistants will assist students with platform issues and with content questions. We still encourage instructors to respond***** to questions in the course to share more expertise with students. 

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Ongoing Feedback

As long as you’re in the program never lose access to our services. If you want/need to update****** your course you keep all these services even in the updates. We will also provide you with student feedback and tips/advice on how to make better courses.

FAQ About the Program

Who owns the course(s)?

You retain the rights to your course with the stipulation you will not directly compete with SkillXpand. Essentially, if we post your course on Udemy, you cannot also upload the course to Udemy. You could sell directly on your website though.

What if I only need distribution and marketing?

That is great! If you do not need any of the other services we can lower our percentage down to 10%* of sales.

Do you provide TA's?

Our teaching assistant team will provide TA services to your course for as long as you are in the program. We still encourage instructors to monitor QA boards to interact with students.

Program Length

Instructors must sign to work with us for a year** at a time. If you wish to not renew for any reason there are no penalties of any kind. You can withdraw at any point before the course goes live for any reason as well.


The marketplaces such as Udemy will pay you directly. Once our course site goes live we will update you directly on how payouts will look.

What kind of courses will you work with?

We primarily focus on self-improvement and employment skills-based courses however we are open to other types of courses on a course-by-course*** basis.

Ready to expand your impact and reach a global audience?

Apply now to partner with SkillXpand and turn your knowledge into a professionally published course. Let’s create something exceptional together!


* 15% is our standard cut for this program. Any reductions to this rate are at the sole discretion of SkillXpand.

*** While your courses will be listed on our site and future course site alongside our courses, the course sales page will have a disclaimer that it is produced by a partner instructor. You will be referred to as a “Partner Instructor” and not as an employee, contractor, or agent of SkillXpand.

***** The program may require our partner instructors to update videos and or add content to keep up with marketplace policies. While we will provide tips and advice on how to improve the course as we get more data it is not required.

** Our standard contract is for 1 year starting after the first course goes live on a partner marketplace. All courses you work with us with are under a single 1-year agreement. Shorter agreements may be available at increased percentage cuts by request but not guaranteed.

****Our data says that student reviews and enrollments are higher with instructor engagement. Refunds are also reduced as well.

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